Get Lump-sum Payment From Health Insurance You Belong to

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Get ¥300,000 Lump-sum Payment from your Health Insurance
The hospital stay for childbirth is about one week in Japan. A delivery without complications generally costs between ¥300,000 and ¥500,000. You are eligible for a lump-sum payment of around ¥300,000 if you belong to National Health Insurance or Social Health Insurance. Apply once your child is born, at the health insurance section of your local municipal office if you have National Health Insurance (kokumin kenko hoken), or your company if you have Social Health Insurance (shakai hoken). Expect a delay of a month or two before payment.

The Family Registration Law
When a child is born, you must register the birth at your local municipal office. The Family Registration Law requires all foreigners as well as Japanese who have a child in Japan to register the child’s birth within 14 days.

You need to take some documents and other things.
Be sure to contact with local office and ask them what you need to bring for registration.


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