What's the difference between commuting pass and PiTaPa?

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Keihan railway, Hankyu railway, Nose railway, Hanshin railway and Osaka Monorail ask you to register your commuting area. According to that info, you can get a discount.
But Subway in Osaka (runs by Osaka Minicipal Transportation Bureau) and Hankyu bus don't require any registration, which means when you get PiTaPa card, you can use it right away and according to your amount you spend per month, you can get discount.
If you want to know and check how much you can get discount, visit Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau and you'll see "利用額割引シュミレーション" in "search" category.
I'm sorry but they don't provide this service in English. But they accept alphabets so you can get the difference.

To see Discount calculation
When you reach "Pitapa 利用額割引における料金比較" page, you'll see 4 grey buttons.

1. According to your monthly amount(left top button)
After you click this button, you'll see 3 links, "大人(一般)" adult, "大人(学生)" junior high, high school and college students and "小児(一般)" elementary school students. After enter the amount you spend per month and click "検索" button, then you'll see the result.

2. Comparison with Commuting pass(left bottom button)
After you enter 2 station names and click "検索" button, you might confirm the names. After that if there are some different ways to get one station to the other, you need to chose which one you use. Just click the link of "定期券料金", you'll find a fee table.
If these are the right amount you usually spend per month, click "P" mark and you'll see how much you'll pay with PiTaPa.

I'll talk about other 2 buttons soon.
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