Medical Institutes Where Foreign Languages are Available

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Have you ever had problems or difficulties to communicate with a Japanese doctor?
Even if you don't have any problem with talking to your Japanese friends, it might be a different story to talk to a doctor.
To search a medical institutes, this site will be useful for you.
But unfortunately, according to the announcement of the webmaster, the medical search part will be closed at the end of this March.

Online Medical Handbook
If you cannot find a clinic or hospotal close to you, you can print out the form from Medical Handbook for Foreigners. The top page of this site is written in Japanese but each file is written in Japanese and another foreign language.
The following languages are avairable now.

1. "英語" English
2. "ポルトガル" Portugues
3. "スペイン語" Spanish
4. "タガログ語" Tagalog

This handout consists of application fordiagnosis, medical examination by interview, explanation of examination and so on.
You can communicate with your doctor with this written format. This will help you a lot.
Preparation for an emergency is very important as you know.


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