Unemployement Insurance in Japan

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As you should all know by now, Nova is on a severe downturn at the moment. People have been enduring late payments, while others are losing their appartments.For those losing their appartments, don't hesitate to contact us, we could be able to find out a new place.
For those who have pay issues, i wanted to remind you of a few facts i have gathered.

With some of your first payslips you got a little paper like this :Unemployment insurance card
This is the proof that you have been paying the unemployment insurance.

You can go to the ハロワーク agency in charge of your area (the area of your accomodation, not work) with this paper.

WIth the pay problems going on in Nova, if you had your pay delayed (different payment day than usual) 2 months in a row (as far as i know, only staff are such a situation so far), you will be entitled to declaring your job insecure and be admitted by ハロワーク just like a fired employee. The length of the unemployment compensation will be calculated on your age and the length of your payments to the insurance like shows the first table of this page.

I do not garantuee to you all that it will happen exactly like this but it is what i was told for my personal case and i'm pretty standard...

The ハロワーク doesn't have any documentation in english as far as i know but they have some documents pretty clear in japanese and it should possible for most of us to obtain a clean enough translation from friends.


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