Labor Counsulting Counter for NOVA Employees

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One-stop counseling corner will be placed at service centers for foreigners in Tokyo & Osaka.(See below)

At those two centers, counseling for below matters will be available.

  • 1) Vocational Counseling, Placement Service
  • 2) Unemployment Insurance
  • 3) Wages, etc.

Interpreters will be placed at those centers as well as staffs from Regional Labour Bureau.

  • 〒530-0001 Osaka-Ekimae Second Bldg.15F,
  • 1-2-2 Umeda,Kita-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka-fu
  • TEL 06-6344-1135 FAX 06-6344-1134
  • URL

※Please visit in the center in the case of consultation. Since it becomes consultation through an interpreter,  consultation by a telephone is not supported.

Labor Consulting Counter for NOVA Employees

Here is original press release in Japanese from Nova. Mr. Sahashi is fired by board of directers and file a petition for protection with the court under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law.

Nikkei Original press release

According to Yomiuri Online, 4 companies are under negociation as a sponsor including Aeon, Marui, Yahoo Japan and Rakuten.

According to this article, Yahoo Japan and Rakuten are interested in MM Center. I hope new board of directors make right decision very quick.

Yomiuri Online NOVA、4社に支援打診へ


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