National Health Insurance

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It seems now that every employee has received the documents ending their employment at Nova.For those of you who have no more health insurance, i would advice to go to the national health insurance counter at your ward office.The bill for this insurance was usually pretty high when working for Nova. But now the dismissal give your reduced rate. I saw my bill go from 22 000¥ a month to 6 700¥ a month because of my unemployment. I think that it is a good move, especially for those who were on Shakkai Hokken.For those who were in JMA, be careful you might have to cover your bill for the last 2 years because you were then in an illegal position. If such issue araises, the general union might have some advice for you, so contact them. But basically you can argue about the fact that you were not responsible for this situation and then you can't afford such a back payment. Do not sign papers that you are not sure about what they say. It is better to find a Japanese speaker to come with you at the office.Here is my piece of advice from my own experience.Good luck to all.


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