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National Pension Plan and Employees' Pension Plan
Regardless of his nationality, anyboby who lives in Japan between 20 and 60 years of age is eligible to enroll in the Public Pension Plan, which is National Pension Plan or Employees' Pension Plan.
If you currently work for a Japanese company, your employer will file a pension application on your behalf. Please make sure to consult your employer for more information regarding this matter.

Nationa Pension Scheme
All residents in Japane between the ages of 20 and 60 including those who are not currentlly enrolled in Employees' Insurance Scheme must enroll in the National Pension Plan.

How to Join
Bring your foreign registration card to your local municipal office and apply.
If you are already enrolled in the Employees' Pension or Mutual - aid Pension plans, you do not need to apply.

You are eligible for benefits under the National Pension Scheme when you become old, disabled, or other household members may be eligible if you die. Types of pensions include:
a. Old-age Pension (rorei kiso nenkin)
b. Disability Pension (shogai kiso nenkin)
c. Survivor’s Pension (izoku kiso nenkin)
d. Widow’s Pension (kafu nenkin)
e. Lump-sum Death Benefit (shibo ichiji-kin)
f. Old-age Welfare Pension (rorei fukushi nenkin) Eligibility conditions vary from pension to pension. You need to apply in order to receive any of these benefits.

Employees' Pension Scheme
All private companies, without exception, must take out this insurance. Insurance premiums are borne by employers and employees. The amount of the premium differs according to the employee's salary.

How to Join
Your employer is responsible for submitting your pension application and deducting pension installments from your monthly salary.

Since Employees' Pension Plan includes National Pension Plan, you will be paid a designated amount from the National Pension Plan. In addition, you will also receive and allowance from your Employees' Pension Plan, calculated on the basis of installments paid while in the workforce.

Lump Sum Pension Refunds
Pension Refunds for Foreign Nationals
All foreign nationals who were enrolled in pension plans while in Japan are eligible to claim a partial lump sum pension refund upon leaving the country.

a. people who do not possess Japanese citizenship
b. people who have paid into pension and insurance plans for more than 6 months
c. people who do not have a permanent address in Japan
d. people who have not received any prior pension allowance including disability allowance

For inquiries, contact the social insurance office for your company.
National Health Insurance and Social Health Insurance
If you stay in Japan more than a year, then you are required to purchase either National Health Insurance (国民健康保険:こくみんけんこうほけん) or Social Health Insurance (社会保険:しゃかいほけん).
SHI, Social Health Insurance, is for company employees and NHI, National Health Insurance, is for anyone who is not covered by Social Health Insurance.
National Health Insurance
You need to go to your local municipal office with your alien registration card and register at the Kokumin Kenko Hoken section of city office or ward office.

1. percentage of your medical expense

aged 70 years and older 10% or 20%
aged 3 to 69 30%
aged 0 to 2 20%

2. You will be issued an insurance card or certificate (健康保険証:けんこうほけんしょう) and you need to present this card when you go to see a doctor.

3. As National Health Insurance premiums are based on your previous year's income, the first year of coverage is relatively cheap (you pay the minimum required premium).

Social Health Insurance
if you work more than 3/4 of employee's working time, that is usually more than 30 hours, you can apply to SHI through your company. Premiums will be deducted from your salary.
1. 2. are same as NHI

3. Premiums are determined in relation to the insured person's salary and are paid fifty percent each by the owner of the business and the insured person.

Premiums = your monthly salary * 82 / 1000

Total company employee
82/1000 41/1000 41/1000

Further info:
Osala Pref Medical Information for Foreigners

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