Japan and the following contries have signed International Social Security Agreement. Some of the agreements are implemented and others are on the way.

Sosial Insurance Agancy

Germany, United Kingdom, Korea, United States, Belgium, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands have signed the international social security agreement and implemented.
Czech Republic, Spain, Italy have signed and under preparation for implementation.
Ireland is under negociation and Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden are under preparation for negotiation.

See more details at agency site
Just to relay part of the information that the nova website provided today.

"We inform you that there will be information sessions for employees held on the following date/times.

Following each session it is planned that a government agency information seminar will be held regarding related matters at the same venue.

Please note that those who are not employees are not permitted to enter the venue.Date and times: November 10, 2007 10:00 and 14:00Location:
1.Nova Multimedia Center
Kintetsu Shin Namba Bldg, 16F and 17F 1-4-38 Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi
(We ask that if possible Multimedia Center instructors attend the 10:00 session, and Kansai branch instructors attend the 14:00 session)
2. Nova Tokyo Head Office
Shinjuku NS Building 23F 2-4-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo(We ask that if possible instructors from area 2 (Tokyo), area 4 and area 8 (Tokyo) attend the 10:00 session and Kanto branch instructors from other areas attend the 14:00 session)
3. Some branch locations (instructors will be informed individually)

* The content of the session starting from 10:00 and that of the session starting from 14:00 will be the same, so please do not attend both seminars as the capacity of the meeting place is limited."

Good luck to all of you.

It seems that a sponsor has been found for Nova. The "G communication group" is said, unofficially for the moment, that they would take over the 3 entities of Nova (Ochanoma Ryugaku, Ekimae & Nova kids) through their subsidiary "G education".

They would re-open 30 schools at first, when would gradually move over time to 200 schools re-opened.

They are considering taking as many nova employees as they can. The journalist asking about 2000 people, they answered that they would consider this as much as possible.

The subsidiary taking the Nova in charge has so far 4 networks of schools : 2 networks of Cram schools (Itto with 679 schools and Ganbaru with 185 schools) and 2 networks of english schools (Grip with 1 school and EC with 41 schools) and 42 english schools, mainly in Hokkaido. G communication seems to be very oriented to the food business (sake, restaurants) and is based in Nagoya.

The students from Nova could buy new tickets at this entity with a discount of 75%.

They haven't decided yet whether they keep Nova brand or not.

I have received news about the convention for social security between France and Japan through the AFJ Kansai. Some files of the official papers are available on the first page of their website AFJ Kansai.

I made a few searchs in YouTube and i found a few interesting things:
Nova 1
Nova 2
Nova 3
Berlitz ?
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We are going to pick up info related to Japanese Culture.
Kansai is a district in Japan and includes Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hyogo, Wakayama and Shiga prefecture.
Yes, these cities are famous for it's traditional Japanese culture and modern culture.
It is our pleasure to introduce our culture to the rest of the world.
Yet, Japanese are not good at appeal to people even it is unique and different. This might cause misunderstanding or giving bad impression of Japan.
Here, we are trying to introduce some unique culture little by litte.
We are very happy if you find something new of Japan through this web site.