tachibanaYesterday we went to the "orange street" in Osaka. It is a shopping street at Minami Horie, behind Namba.
When the half closest to namba is full of clothes shops, the other end of the street has very nice furniture stores.
This end of the street is easier to access from the Nishinagahori station. Some stores are cheap places without specific brands, some others are outlets of european brands.

o concept denmark designA noticeable one is BO concept, that can help you figure out you interior with a 3D software. Their prices are of the upper range but the quality is too. You can see online furniture catalog at their web site.
BOConcept Web site

On the other hand, Hirata and flat's are places with nice products at an affordable price. They have 5 floors and each floor is specialized in different category. To see furniture and price, visit their web site. They have some fliers as well.
Hirata Kagu

Whatever you might be looking for will be in one of those shops.