in aquarium 2 If you want to spend a nice and cultural afternoon, we recommand you the reputed auqrium of Osaka : Kaiyukan. This is one of the biggest aquariums in Kansai area. On their web site, you can see 16 different theames of aquariums. These are Japanese pages but they have nice photos and you can see what they exhibit.

in aquarium 1 You can enjoy a well set-up exhibition that takes you around the ring of fire of the Pacific ocean. A whale shark, a ocean sunfish, sea otters, king penguins and pacific whitesided dolphines are famous ones. Right after penguin parades which are scheduled at 1:30 and 3:30pm might be very crowded. We entered around that time and we were frustrated for a while. When you reach the main aquarium, you have more space to enjoy watching fish and other creatures without queing. There are 13 aquariums around the main one. Some of the aquariums, you can enjoy watching from the different floors. See more info.

pengouin paradeAn english audio-guide called "Aqua Navi" is available for those who wish to use it. At the beginning of the year we recommand the pengouins parade which is fun but very short. Our son was so excited to watch penguins so close. Because of the bird flu, they canceled an event to take photo with penguins.

info center But you better eat before, the restaurants of the Tempozan Market place being quite expensive despite the coupons you will retrieve from the information desk with your subway card: "Kaiyukan kippu" . It is expensive, and not always as good as it should be. If you buy Kaiyukan pikku, you can use subway as many times you want on that day. You can get off the subway to have lunch on the way without paying extra charge. It is easy to acces : 5 minutes walk from the Osakako station on the Subway Chuo Line. Here is the mapKaiyukan access map. Coming by this mean you can buy a special transportation card called "Kaiyukan kippu" that include the entrance of the aquarium and allows you to save some money. Normal entrance fee is ¥2,000 per adult. This transportation card includes entrance fee and one day pass to use subway. The price is ¥2,400 per adult. Useally subway charge from our station to Osakako station is ¥310 per adult and rount ticket will be ¥620 per adult. By using Kaiyukan kippu we saved ¥220 per person. If you come from longer distance, you may save a lot more money. For example, if you take subway from Namozu, you can save ¥660 per perspon. For more detail, ask your subway station staff.